Growth stories, directly
from our partners

We value our clients as partners and grow alongside them. Here are a few stories about how we met and exceeded our partner’s growth objectives.

Growing online revenues by over 100% in less than 6 months

Focusing on an online strategy that served core customer segments through highly targeted ads and a rapid experimentation framework.


Increase in Online Revenues


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Online Revenues


Increase in ROAS

We increased revenue for Thilakawardhana by over 30% in just 3 months

Thilakawardhana Online partnered with Sprig Agency, to aid the growth of online revenues, improve the return on ad spend and decrease customer acquisition costs for the retail giant. 

Increasing qualified leads by 25%, for the B2B platform Care Hires

We increased total sign ups by 25% through a targeted acquisition strategy based on deep user insights to drive conversion to paid users.


Increase in Online Revenues


Increase in Retention Rate


Improvement in Engagement


Improvement in Retention Rate

We improved user engagement for the AI protein design tool Exazyme

Our team helped design the platform’s user experience through the use of design thinking principles, that enabled an increase in engagement.

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